building for the future


"God is not and will never be done with us. God calls the Church to use all that we have and all that we are to partner with Christ as Christ builds for the future!"



A Foundation to Build On

Who Are We & Where Are We Going?

In order to Build for the Future with Christ, we have to first. understand, clarify, and articulate our identity and unique call from God. To do this, we are working to discern our Mission, Vision, and Values. These tools can help us reflect on God’s call for PCN and offer us a unified sense of direction in our ministry, program, and building needs.

Foundation stone_

Laying the Foundation

MISSION/VISION TEAM is engaging in prayerful discernment, with input from the congregation, to help fashion Mission, Vision, and Values statements that reflect who we are and where God is calling us. 

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE will help communicate with the Session and the congregation the activity of the Church Development Committee and the two other subcommittees. Building a strong foundation requires good communication.

WEBSITE COMMITTEE will be working to creation a new church website. 



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