Church Membership

What Does Membership Mean?

Membership is an opportunity for you to connect with the church community, serve Christ and be an active participant in the leadership of the church. Members can become elders (individuals elected to serve on our session/governing board); deacons (individuals elected to serve as care givers to our community, providing for various minstries of care); and can vote in all congregational meetings. Of course any one is welcome to participate in the life and ministry at PCN, to serve in various capacities throughout our ministry and not be a member, your only limitations is that you can't serve in the above mentioned roles. 



Nearby Park

Inquirer's Class

Is offered quarterly to anyone interested in learning more about PCN. This is a great way for you to ask questions about PCN, the Presbyterian Church as a whole and how you can become a member here. Times vary.

Meet With Session

After an inquirer's class you will come to a session meeting to meet our elders, share your statement of faith and answer a simple question: Who is Jesus Christ to you?


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