The elders in our church are the governing body of the community. They are responsible to first and foremost be leaders to those whom they are serving, witnessing to the community through their own acts of faith. They serve as leaders on various committees within our community. These committees support the life and ministry of PCN. Anyone can serve on these committees and we invite people to get involved. 


Christian Education: charged with caring for the nurture and faith walk of all of God's children from 0-100

Finance and Administration: charged with caring for the financial well being of the congregation and working with all things help run the church from the business perspective

Membership and Outreach: charged caring for new members, helping invite people into the life of our church and reaching out to God's kingdom. 

Mission: charged with helping the church be the hands and feet of Christ in the local community and beyond. 

Personnel: charged with managing the staff, encouraging the staff and helping with personnel matters. 

Program and Fellowship: charged with organizing opportunities for the congregation to gather and enjoying fellowship with one another and for encouraging opportunities for us to gather and enjoy each others' company.

Property: charged with the upkeep and maintanence of the church property as a whole. 

Stewardship: charged with encouraging the congregation to think about how we are called to be the good stewards of God's resources 

Worship: charged with taking care of our worship services, offering opportunities for us to gather together as the body of Christ and celebrate communion, prayer and praise as a community.


Elders serve a term of three years and have the option to renew their service for a total of six years. Our current clerk of session is Sandy Peterson. 

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