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Kent's Classgospel of mark


The Original Good News Documents - 

 A close reading of the Gospel of Mark


Classes begin Monday, January 23rd for 10 weeks
Morning Session 9:30 - 11:00 / Evening Session:  7:00 - 8:30



On Monday January 23, Kent Webber will begin a  10-week Bible study course entitled “The ORIGINAL Good News Documents; A Close Reading of the Gospel of Mark.” A morning session will meet in the Christensen Room from 9:30 – 11 a.m. and an evening session will cover the same material form 7 – 8:30 p.m.


This would be an excellent place to start studying the Bible if you have not done so previously! The four canonical gospels are the heart of the Holy Bible for followers of Jesus. Knowing the story of Jesus is critically important for anyone who wants to know and serve Jesus who Christians confess to be the Christ (Messiah or “Anointed One”)!


A printed study guide with study questions for each week and some maps and added comments will be given to each registrant. You simply need to bring your favorite Bible.   A $20 donation is requested to help cover printing costs, but if that is a hardship for anyone, no problem!


The printed Study Guide is available for pick in the church office.  



Confirmation Classesconfirmation class

For Middle School Students

February - May 


 Confirmation class for current 8th graders-middle school: We plan to begin in February and end in May, following the school calendar, and not have classes around President's week break, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  Classes will be 4:30-6:00 p.m. on Sundays.  Kids can then progress to dinner before their respective youth group sessions.  Questions or to register your child...contact Jeff Page at 

Stephen Ministry Trainingstephen ministry caregiving

The Art of Christian Caregiving


Stephen Ministry Training begins on Friday January 20, and meets weekly from 7 – p.m. on Tuesday evenings through April. This training focuses on Christian caregiving with a distinct emphasis on active listening. These are helpful skills which can be applied to virtually any relationship! If you are interested in learning more and perhaps registering, please contact pcnadmin@pcnovato.org..



Sunday Bible Studybible study image

Psalms that Emphasize Praise for Creation


We would be delighted to have each of you come to our Sunday Adult Education Class on Sunday morning. We begin at 9:00 A.M. and conclude at 10:00 A.M. We have an amazing time as we gather together to share what we have learned from the assigned lesson. Come and join the excitement of sharing God's Word with each other. 


In the month of January we will look at four Psalms that emphasize praise for God that emanates from creation itself or that invite us to praise God for His creation. One of the psalm we will be looking at is Psalm 96. Some scholars believe David wrote Psalm 96. This psalm may have been sung after the ark of the covenant had been brought by David into Jerusalem for the first time. Nearly a century after it had first been captured by the Philistines, the ark was finally being returned to its proper place in the tabernacle. Come join us to find out just how momentous this occasion was and the abundance of praise that David called God's people to give to God.



Women's Bible Study


The Gospel of Luke

Psalms that Emphasize Praise for Creation



Classes resume Thursday, January 12th at 9:30 a.m.

As we study the Gospel of Luke, we are also learning more about the author -- Luke, himself. Luke was a physician and companion of Paul. The only Gentile to author a Bible book, Luke possessed an analytical mind paired with an artistic sense that certainly appealed to a Greek audience. Luke is mentioned briefly in three of Paul's letters, most of the information we have about him is autobiographical. As an educated Greek, Luke seems to have been interested in the poetic styles used by prophets in the Old Testament. In recording the life of Jesus, he gave special attention to songs of victory, prophetic oracles, and parables. Luke includes some of the most beautiful poetry in Scripture.



Fall Preventionfall prevention image


"A Matter of Balance"


Wednesdays & Friday's beginning
January 11th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm

The award winning fall prevention program was announced in November and quickly filled up with 15 participants. With so much enthusiasm for the course, PCN has scheduled a second class.


During the eight session class participants gain:

  • Safe and simple exercises to promote strength, flexibility and balance

  • Problem-solving strategies to address habits and behaviors

  • Safety-promoting lifestyle strategies

  • Ways to create a safer home environment . . . and more!


    Each of the eight sessions is two hours. A $20 materials fee is requested. To register, or for more information, please contact Beverly Winsor 415- 99FALLS (415-993-2557) or email mob.beverly@gmail.com.



Youth Groups' January Schedule



• Dec. 23rd - January 6th - School Holiday Break

January 8th -  5 - 8 pm Youth Groups

January 10th - Seekers

January 10th -  1st Wired Club of the NEW YEAR

January 15th -  5 - 8 pm Youth Groups

January 22nd -  5 - 8 pm Youth Groups

January 29th -  5 - 8 pm Youth Group


Looking Ahead:

February 3-5th  - Middle School Winter Camp ($75 deposit due)
March 3-5th -  Love of God (LOG) High School Retreat 
March 31st - April 1st 30 Hour Famine + Stop Hunger Now




Seekers col



A mid-week ministry for children at PCN

On Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm,  Seekers will give students the opportunity to experience the all?embracing love of God in a community striving to live out the teachings of Jesus.  Bible Study, games, crafts, family style dinner and worship are all key components to a ministry designed to connect kids to God.   For more information, or for scholarship requests, please contact: Sally Carbonaro, Director of Children’s Ministries at childrensministry@pcnovato.org or 415-897-6152.
Please complete the Registration Form and the Liability Release Form.




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